Sunday, September 12, 2010

Must Have App - Goodreader

If you intend on using your IPad for work then the first app you should purchase is Goodreader.  One of the best features of Goodreader (beside its price of 99 cents) is the ability to consolidate and organize your files into file folders.  I store all my files in Goodreader and if I want to work on them I click on manage files, select the file I want to use and then click the Open In button.  From here I can select the app I want to use.

For example, let's say a co-worker has sent you an Excel file via an e-mail you've received on your IPad.  When you click on the file you'll be able to view it in mail.  From here select the Open In button and select Goodreader.  The file will be copied to Goodreader.  In Goodreader, you can now store the file in any of the folders you have set up and even open it in Numbers or another spreadsheet app to edit it.  One thing Goodreader does not do is store the changes you have made to the spreadsheet in the spreadsheet app.  If you want to save the edited version of the spreadsheet in Goodreader you need to move the edited file to Goodreader.

Other great features in Goodreader:
  • Goodreader can view PDF documents, Word and Excel files, Powerpoint and many other types of files.
  • Goodreader can be connected to a wifi network so you can transfer files between devices.
  • Preview files before opening them.
  • E-mail files to others from the Goodreader program.
  • Goodreader can connect to Google Docs, Mobile Me, Drop Box and other servers.  You can tell it to remember your login credentials or for added security, ask for them at login.
  • Goodreader can password protect folders which contain sensitive information like Human Resource records.
  • Integration with Appigo ToDo (another terrific productivity app).  You can either link a document to a task in your to do list or create a new task straight from a document in Goodreader.
  • Search for files by favorites (noted with a star), by date and by name.
  • Browse the web and download files from a web link to open or save in Goodreader.
So if you want to use your IPad for work, Goodreader is a must have app.  It is the best 99 cents you'll ever spend!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

IPad - Better Than Sliced Bread

I have an IPad and I love using it. I am using it to write this blog post. I use it for entertainment (reading books, games and surfing the web), but I also use it for work. The IPad is a great productivity tool. I find the size of the IPad is perfect for work since it is light weight and similar to carrying a notepad, but larger than an IPhone or Blackberry making it easier to read document attachments in e-mail. I also find it useful for organizing reference material which I previously carried around in paper folders and 3 ring binders. I am going to make an effort to post more often in the future (okay, realistically probably about once a week) and plan to provide tips to help new users get the most out of their IPad. Please check back periodically!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Book Review - A Legend in Time

Confession number one - I may not be the best person to evaluate literary talent since I read more blogs than books. I probably have undiagnosed ADD as it is difficult for me to find books that will hold my attention.

Confession number two - Jon Westbrook is a good buddy of mine.

When Jon told me he had published his first book A Legend in Time, I purchased it because I wanted to support my friend. I didn't think I would ever actually read the book. When the book arrived, it sat on my desk for a couple of days until one beautiful Saturday. The family was enjoying the afternoon relaxing on the deck and I decided I would try the first chapter of my newly acquired novel. I did this with a bit of apprehension - What if I didn't like my friend's book? Fortunately this was not an issue since I couldn't put the book down. Someone who typically takes about a year to read a book finished it in only a few days.

I thoroughly enjoyed A Legend in Time! How do you know if you will like it? If you've ever thought about time travel then this book is for you. If you enjoy historical fiction then this book is for you. And if you like a little romance this book is for you.

To learn more about A Legend in Time go to and click on Author. Give it a try!